What Is the Purpose of a Shower Rail?

Because the Shower can slide up and down they make a perfect solution for families, where people in the house may be at different heights, the hand shower functionality makes them great for people who may have mobility issues, and when not using the hand shower functionality, the shower can just function as your normal standard shower!


A Shower Rail, or rail shower as they are more commonly called (sometimes called hand shower)consists of a vertically adjustable hand-held showerhead that slides up and down on a rail or bar. This design allows the user to adjust the height of the showerhead to their preference, making it especially versatile for households with multiple users of varying heights.

Enjoy a luxurious spa experience in your own home that caters to the whole family.

The Benefits of Rail Showers

  1. adjustability: The primary advantage of a rail shower is its adjustability. This ensures that both kids and adults can comfortably use the shower.
  2. Hand-held Flexibility: The detachable showerhead can be removed from the rail, offering flexibility for targeted rinsing, washing pets, or cleaning the shower area.
  3. Design Varieties: Available in various designs, finishes, and materials, these showers can suit a wide range of bathroom decors.
  4. Easy Installation: The slide rail typically requires simple wall fixtures, making it relatively easy to install or replace.
  5. Inclusive Design: It’s an excellent choice for those with mobility issues since the height can be adjusted without needing to reach overhead.
  6. Water-Saving Features: Some modern rail showers come equipped with water-saving technologies, such as flow restrictors, providing an eco-friendly option.