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Aspire Bidet Smart Seat with Remote Control

$899.00 AUD
SKU: ASP0170

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Aspire Bidet Smart Seat (with Remote Control)

Recommended use: Domestic / Commercial

– Size: L509 x W388 x D134mm

– Soft close and heat seat with remote control

– Auto LED night light and deodorization

– Adjustable water pressure, water massage, and warm air dryer

– Wash types include: Front wash, rear wash, child wash (children should be supervised)

– Water, seat, and air temperature adjustment

– Suitable for main water pressure

– Watermark, SAA and EMC Certified

Click Here for Specification Sheet and Warranty information


Suitable for:

ASP0500 - Aspire Matisse II BTW

ASP0098B - Aspire Zodiac MK3 CC

ZUMMB015 - Zumi Mezio CC

ZUMMB020 - Zumi Vera WF

STUMAN001/001BI - Studio Bagno Manhattan

PARI009619 - Parisi Ellisse MK II WF

SEISTO30503 - Seima Modia WF