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Zumi Novus Wall Hung Intelligent Smart Toilet Complete Package


The brand New Novus Wall Hung Intelligent Toilet with concealed cistern and your choice of coloured flush plates.

Included in Package

  1. Novus Wall Hung Intelligent Toilet complete with seat and Controller
  2. In-wall concealed cistern
  3. your choice of coloured flush plate and buttons

Featuring simple and sleek uncomplicated design

  • 69mm super thin cover, thin and fasionable
  • comfortable U-shaped design
  • anti-backflow design
  • arc- shaped hygienic spray rod
  • Independently Developed Concealed Cistern
  • Multiple colours of flush plates available
  • IPX8 Power Connector
  • instant heated seat 
  • vibration friction welded seat with no seams for easy cleaning
  • cleaning and drying functions

 Novus Specification Sheet

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