Introducing our new Showroom Location Burdens Bathrooms Somerville - Burdens Plumbing

Have you caught wind of the latest update? We've been doing some renovation!

The recently revamped Somerville Burdens Bathroom now boasts a showroom, offering you the chance to witness your envisioned space manifest into reality. This remarkable addition to our Burdens Somerville location will provide you with an immersive experience and feel the potential of your dream projects.


See the finish of that shower that you've had your eye one, test out some of the sink levers, size up one of the sinks, or take a sit in a bath and picture youself having a big relax.


Whether you are planning a complete bathroom renovation or simply looking to revitalize your kitchen, the showroom at Somerville Burdens is sure to inspire and guide you in making the right design decisions.


Explore the remarkable shower quality brands such as FienzaCollis Real ShowersGreens TapwareBella Vista and Streamline


You can also discover exquisite items from

Remember to drop by our freshly unveiled showroom. See you there!



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