Rinnai Hot water service installed on grey wall

Hot Water Services Available from Burdens

Hot water services come in a few different types and can vary on how they operate and are installed. Burdens stock all types of hot water services including Electric, Gas, Gas Instantaneous, and Solar Hot water systems.

Whether you’re having your hot system repaired, looking to upgrade, or want to completely replace your existing hot water system, be sure to use a qualified and licensed plumber. 

Electric Hot Water Sytems

Electric hot water systems are the most popular type of system in Victoria. Most systems heat water with an element inside of an insulated tank, ready for use throughout the day. Electric hot water systems offer flexible hot water delivery, available in different sizes to suit varied applications and installations  

Gas Hot Water Systems

high-efficiency gas hot water systems can be very economical, especially 4 and 5 star rated natural gas units. Gas storage systems offer instant hot water on demand, and continuous gas sytems offer the additional luxury of hot water that never runs out.  

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems Use the power of the sun to curb emissions and energy costs

Solar hot water systems can be more expensive upfront with in terms of cost including installation, but the ongoing running costs will be significantly lower. Natural gas-boosted or electric boosted systems can be the cheapest and most environmentally friendly type of hot water system and are a great choice if you live in a spot that gets of sun. 


Burdens can help you source which ever hot water service is right for your application or needs, with competitive prices and trusted brands like Rheem, Aquamax, Rinnai, Bosch, and Vulcan, we are sure to have the hot water system to keep you showers hot and steamy. 

Call the trade desk at you local Burdens location for more information on hot water systems. Always be sure to use a qualified and licensed plumber, if you don't already have one, speak with your local Burdens who can help find one for you.